Pedicatric Emergency Medical Application

About this Project

This is a fully-functional, fully-hosted MVC web app developed in C#, ASP .Net Core 6, and Firebase. It features fully-implemented CRUD operations and login and authentication system. Of interest, is the fact that the database being used is Google's Firebase. This is becuase this web app interacts with a mobile web app developed in React. The database and the mobile app already existed but a web app was required (and it needed to share the same database: Firebase as the mobile app) and was still missing. I decided then to develop it using C# and ASP .NET.

The communication with Firebase was accomplished throgh a 3rd party depedency called which is a wrapper over the original Firebase API, and Firebase which is a wrapper over the original authentication API of Firebase. Several 3rd party JavaScript libraries were used on the front-end to enhanced the look of the user interface and make it more interactive.